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This is Your life legacy Videos Logo 172How often do we hear “I wish I knew more about his life story” or I wish I had asked her questions about the parts of her life I know nothing about. She would have liked that.”
It is vital to remember not just the famous people and moments in history, but the diverse individuals and their lives.
By sharing their stories, we’re not only preserving our family’s past, we are contributing to a personal (national) archive that helps us learn more about our true history.
This Is Your Life Legacy Videos offers your loved ones an opportunity to sit with a professional and insightful interviewer via Zoom, and tell their life story. A true gift for your family to keep for generations to come. 

Our quality is high and we keep our rates are low. After all… this is family. 

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How It Works

  1. Fill out our Book-Now-Pay-Later form.
  2. Schedule a 10-15 introductory phone meeting.
  3. Fill out an online Pre-Interview Questionnaire.
  4. Schedule your Legacy Video Interview.

5. Make your payment by check or PayPal
6. We will record your Legacy Video Interview.
7. Your interview will be edited and digital photos, you provide, will be added.
8. Your This is Your Life Legacy Video will be delivered in MP4 format

NOTE: Dates and times are filling up so we are encouraging people to reserve a spot today
…and remember that you do not pay until an interview date and time are finalized.

Our Story

BOOK a THIS IS YOUR LIFE LEGACY VIDEO interview today and we will plan, schedule, record, edit and deliver an in-depth, autobiographical Zoom interview of up to 2 hours with our award-winning veteran filmmaker, Variety reporter, and your guide…Tom Wilson. He will help you recount your life experiences to share with both loved ones and those not yet born. Evoking memories of the people and places of earlier times, from childhood, schools, and young adult life, to marriage, family career, and later years, all the way to the present.

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Sons,  Daughters, Nieces and Nephews, Grandsons and Granddaughters
This is your chance to capture time – to hold, preserve and share it with your children and their children.
The time is now…
A Gift…A family history lesson for the future…

Your Stories

Here are just a few samples of our most recent Legacy Video Interviews

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Schwabs Drugstore

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A Child of God

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Sir Francis Drake

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Fired from the FBI

Frequently Asked Questions

Interviews are scheduled on a first come – first serve basis. You can be booked into the very next available time slot or you may request to book at a later date – subject to Interviewer’s schedule. Should you require a very specific day and time, we will try our best to accommodate.

You will need a computer with a mic and camera… or even a phone if you have the Zoom App downloaded on it.. 

Your particular set up (i.e. WIFI, camera, mic, lighting, etc) will dictate the quality of your video.  See the video above, 3 Simple Steps to Look Good on Zoom, and peruse the video in our “Your Stories” section. These examples are intended to be used as a guide and to clarify  expectations.

And finally, a comfortable environment, a beverage, and a loved one with the willingness to share their story

Up to two hours with a one hour minimum.

Now that wouldn’t be any fun. You will get a pre-interview questionnaire form to fill out prior to the interview – mostly just dates and names. The actual interview questions are different for each individual and the flow of the session but you can expect questions related to these categories: Early home, Grandparents, Parents, Siblings, Family, Growing up, Friends, Dating, School, Teen age years, Work, Spouse, Children, Historical Events, Travel, Religion, Present Day.

You will be sent a Final Edited Version of your interview, in a fully-formatted video file along with a  PRIVATE FAMILY WEBPAGE & LINK to the video online
(See Example Page HERE)

You should receive your Legacy Video and Private Family Webpage within 2 weeks of your interview – if not sooner.

Yes, once you make payment we can send your gift certificate to whomever you would like, that very day.

Yes, you can add up to 10 photos with the $300 plan. If you would like to add more there would be an extra charge.

We accept digital photos only and they should be at least 300 kb in size. If your photos are too small or blurry we can enhance and fix them…see our Picture Gallery on the Example Family Page HERE for details.

Once the interview has been completed, you will receive a low resolution video version that allows you to watch and pick where, in the interview running time (time code), you would like us to place each photo.

Any additional audio and edits can be purchased as needed. Call us for an estimate

Yes, up to 4 other people can be invited to join a session at pre-determined times within the interview. A $50 charge would be added for each guest you would like to invite. So…surprise them with a long lost friend or relative.

Certainly. We do offer in-person interviews. Feel free to call us and discuss.

Gift Certificate

Order Now Pay Later

Order a Legacy Video Gift Certificate for a loved one today
Pay for it later when the interview date and time have been finalized.



*Up-to-2 hour In-Depth Zoom Interview with Variety Reporter Tom Wilson
*The opportunity to add 10 DIGITAL PHOTOS to the final edit
*A Final Edited Version in a fully-formatted video file
*A PRIVATE FAMILY PAGE & LINK to the video online
(See Example FAMILY Page HERE)

Ask about having SURPRISE GUESTS join your interview


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MON-FRI 09:00 - 05:00 PST

Note: all photographs on this site are of our own families